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For tier1 and tier2 complete build out" (As is spaces will have no build out).

There is an opportunity for highly financed tenants to have Walnut Industrial park to do a complete build out of your grow facility. Our grow build outs are using state of the art energy efficient technologies and will include the tenant’s choice of LED lights that meet our requirements. Contact us for details and requirements.

In planning the build out of the facility our goal was to centralize as many of the services as possible to make use of economies of scale And maximize efficiencies.

Below is a list of some the services to be provided:

1) Centralized condenser water: There will be a centralized water cooler tower connected to all tenat water cooled HVAC units. This system will drop the temperature of the condenser water and return it to the tenant's HVAC units. This will significantly reduce the tenant's HVAC energy consumption.

2) Centralized C02: The benefit to centralized C02 is that it can be mixed evenly with the closed loop air supply providing an optimum grow environment. Tenant has full control over adjusting the C02. There will be built in safety controls to to prevent the use of too much C02. There will be extensive data collected that can be accessed by computer of cell phone. All data will be highly secure.

3) Reverse Osmossis (RO)\ Filtered water: Water will be treated by either RO equipment or filtration equipment, allowing the grower to have ready water for their grow without losing valuable floor space. All HVAC condenser water is recycled, dramatically reducing water usage.

4) Electrical: Each rental space will have it's own electrical panel that will be metered along with extensive reporting. This reporting will assist the grow to optimize electrical use.

5) Solar: Our plans include installing a 1.4 megawatt solar array on the roof to help offset the large amount of power that this site will be consuming. Tenants can market that they are energy responsible.

6) CCTV monitoring and recording: A comprehensive system will be in place meeting all OLCC requirements.

7) Lighting: we will be providing state of the art LED lighting providing the highest energy savings as well as highest yields and quality. Tenants will have a selection of lights to choose from.

8) Water cooled HVAC: The HVAC systems will be Water-cooled with compressor, Heat Exchanger, Water side economizer, Hot Gas Reheat Coil, Unit Mounted Temp/Humidity & CO2 sensor and dispersion valves as well as air purification within the air flow. Air dispersion will be by duct socks within the grow rooms eliminating the need for additional fans for air circulation. Humidity can be controlled +/- 2 degrees. CO2 can be maintained at a constant level and even distribution within the space.

9) Air Purification: We will be providing Agriair air purification systems in the HVAC air flow AgriAir is a state-of-the-art air purification device, utilizing photo-catalytic oxidation technology to eliminate harmful mold and mildew, destroy odors, neutralize pollen, and sanitize the air & surrounding surfaces with ZERO chemicals or harmful side effects.
• 99.99% of surface bacteria, virus, and microbes destroyed
• 99% reduction of E-Coli, Listeria, Strep, Bird Flu, Staph, SARS
• 97% airborne bacterial reduction
• 97% reduction of airborne mold spores
• 85% odor and VOC reduction in greenhouses

10) Modular Clean room construction: We will be providing the highest quality build out construction, using modular clean rooms This type of construction will prevent cross contamination from one space to the other. It will also allow for easy cleaning and maintenace. All rooms will be closed loop systems.

11) Tenant control center: Honeywell has been selected as the control hardware/software operating platform for Walnut Industrial Park. The Honeywell AX system is a commercial/industrial automation control system that provides full control of all listed point data in a graphical format (see graphic examples) in a secure web based interface.In addition to all local loop control, energy management and security access sequences, the system includes all advanced scheduling, alarms, alarm logs, trend history, user security and user operating logs.

12) Emergency Power Backup: There will be emergency grow room lighting and critical systems power backup circuits. This will insure that plant light cycles are maintained and other critical systems can continue during a power outage.

Facility Details > Grow room data points

  • Grow room data points
  • This image provides a general overview of some of the data points that can be collected regarding your Flower room environment. We will be providing data points for all systems that are controllable by the grower. Access to this data will be accessible by any cloud connected devise.
  • Walnut Core System
  • This image shows the central core systems that will be provided to all spaces in the building. The central water tower will provide tenants significant savings on energy.


In planning the build out of the facility our goal was to centralize as many of the services as possible..

History of the location

Walnut industrial Park is the former MasterBrand Cabinet manufacturing factory. At one point employing 350 people..

Space for Lease

 Every space will have its own man door access and roll up door access and will be a completed build out ready to start..

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